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Jane Collection Poliform

Jane Collection Poliform

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Design: Emmanuel Gallina

The inspiration springs from the desire to conceive a collection with small sizes that would build a sense of comfort and intimacy.The design plays with subtle lines, where gentle inclinations and curves bestow the object with a dynamic personality. The finishes – metal or wood for the structure – give it both a classic and contemporary identity.With its cosy, enveloping lines the Jane collection interprets spaces where elegance is at the service of relaxation.

Basement finishing:

Oak spessart
Black elm
Brown nickel painted aluminum

Covering finish:



142 x 80 x h 75 cm Sofa

67 x 70 x h 75 cm Armchair

74 x 85 x h 80 cm  Large Armchair

74 x 86 x h 100 cm Lounge Armchair

71 x 56 x h 41 cm Pouf

130 x 50 x h 48 cm Bench

130 x 50 x h 48 cm Footrest

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