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Albatros Consolle Tonin Casa
Tonin Casa

Albatros Consolle Tonin Casa

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Design : Plurimo Design

A console, the console: this is Albatros. The Plurimo Design studio designed the Albatros console for Tonin Casa. It is modernity, it’s formal simplicity, a metal sheet and a solid-wood insert. The Albatros console, comfortable surfaces for rooms, entrances and hallways.

The available versions: Albatros console – Albatros bookcase

Structure finishing:

White lacquered metal
Black lacquered metal
Bronze stone lacquered metal
Agate Pink lacquered metal

Central element finishing:

Walnut Canaletto
Dark oak
Natural oak


120 x 28 x h 25 cm

Price starting at € 331,00 € 385,00