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Elephant Slide Base Outdoor Kristalia

Elephant Slide Base Outdoor Kristalia

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Design: Neuland. Paster & Geldmacher

Colour also plays an important role in its versatile nature: available in the most popular contemporary colours including white, black and beige, and in natural colours such as terracotta, brown and olive green to provide a camouflage effect in outdoor contexts. In addition, there is a version which offers almost extreme industrial style, in natural coloured moulded polyurethane, a colour that changes over time according to the surrounding environmental conditions.

Structure finishing:

Painted steel

Seat finish:

White polyurethane

Black polyurethane

Beige polyurethane

Terracotta polyurethane

Brown polyurethane

Olive green polyurethane

Heavenly polyurethane


62 x 60 x h 84 cm

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