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Be Easy Kristalia

Be Easy Kristalia

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Design: Bluezone

be-Easy is a collection of indoor extendable fixed tables with minimalist appeal, featuring a Fenix-NTM® top available in various colours.
NTM stands for NanoTech Matt, or the anti-reflective matt effect that gives the surface of this material its warm aesthetic and soft tactile appeal, and its high resistance to scratching, abrasion, heat, stains, impact, detergents and solvents.
The table legs are powder-coated with a soft matt effect to create an attractive single-colour and single-material effect with the top.

Leg finish:

White painted steel

Painted steel "Fenix-NTM® beaver Ottawa"

Painted steel "Fenix-NTM® Grey London"

Black painted steel

Top and extensions finish:

Fenix-NTM® white Kos 0032

Fenix-NTM® beaver Ottawa 0717

Fenix-NTM® gray London 0718

Fenix-NTM® black Ingo 0720


79 x 123 x h 75 cm

79 x 123/163/203 x h 75 cm

79 x 150 x h 75 cm

79 x 150/190/230 x h 75 cm


89 x 150 x h 75 cm

89 x 150/190/230 x h 75 cm

89 x 170 x h 75 cm

89 x 170/210/250 x h 75 cm

99 x 200 x h 75 cm

89 x 200/240/280 x h 75 cm

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