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Casilda Talenti

Casilda Talenti

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Design: Ramón Esteve
To isolate us from everyday's frenzy, to share moments of celebration or for the healthy sweetness of relaxation, Talenti suggests 'Casilda' the outdoor modular sofa.

Quality materials and standards for a high-quality furniture item that allows you to experience the spaces for pleasure and beauty's sake.

Complete series: Sofa - Pouf - Sunbed - Coffee table - Table - Chair

Structure finishing:

Mokka stainless steel
Gold stainless steel
White stainless steel

Bands finish:

Synthetic elastic straps

Pillows finish:

Jimmiz mèlange grey Fabric

Jimmiz white-beige Fabric

Para Tempotest white Fabric

Strip finishing:

Titanio Travertine

Silver Travertine

Iroko wood


100 x 100 x h 64 cm end sofa

95 x 100 x h 64 cm central sofa

100 x 100 x h 64 cm corner sofa

105 x 100 x h 64 cm Armchair 

95 x 100 x h 46 cm Pouf

Price starting at € 1.127,00 € 1.545,00