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Rialto Fiam

Rialto Fiam

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Design: CRS Fiam

Modern, simple and squared design, the small table “Rialto”, of the series Rialto, is an unique block in bent glass proposed in several dimensions. The glass, absolute protagonist, “Rialto” is much more than a decorative object, it is design that has no time, that has no fashion, that has no age, it is “the small table Rialto”. By Fiam


Structure finishing:

Vetro trasparente

Transparent  extra light glass


100 x 60 x h 32 cm Rialto 

120 x 60 x h 32 cm Rialto 

130 x 68 x h 32 cm Rialto 

120 x 60 x h 43 cm Rialto 

130 x 68 x h 43 cm Rialto 

160 x 52 x h 22 cm Rialto 


Price starting at € 808,00 € 951,00