Riflessi in laguna Riva 1920

Riflessi in laguna Riva 1920

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This work is the result of a fusion between, on the one hand, the briccole, for centuries the supporting structures of the city of Venice, weathered and scored by its history, and, on the other hand, steel whose sheen represents the gleam of the waters of the Lagoon, a witness to the passage and rhythm of life with its ships, its people and its culture. The base of the table is made of mirror-finished stainless steel with a polished surface on one side representing still water and with the other side moulded to reproduce the effect of water in motion.  Resting on this are planks made out of the briccole, which preserve their original form shaped by the history of Venice itself.

Structure finishing:

Polished steel

Top finishing:



200 x 110 x h 75 cm


Price starting at € 26.334,00 € 36.075,00