Stendardo Riva 1920

Stendardo Riva 1920

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Maurizio and Davide Riva asked me to create a design using the wood from oak briccole, removed and destined to be added to the pile of waste some nameless tip. We are all aghast at the sight of these tips.  But few take any positive action. That’s what needs to be done…But it’s not enough. A tip is also a symbol of the dominant approach shared by today’s “creatives”: the producers of goods.What are the choices before me?- Use the wood to create a decently designed object (a table, for example) and in so doing discard every memory of the briccola, of the slime and the holes made by sea creatures?- Or realize the same project but this time preserving and giving grotesque prominence to what should be discarded?- What is the point of an exhibition dedicated to the briccole?My idea is to create a standard for the exhibition: a base made of an uncleaned briccola supports a fan of three sections of semi-finished oak waiting to be used.

Base finish:

Iron lacquered

Structure finishing:



80 x 80 x h 340 cm

Price starting at € 5.040,00 € 6.905,00