Briciole Riva 1920

Briciole Riva 1920

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Trees ravaged by time and water.  An architecture placed between the sky and the sea. Sculptures of an imperfect beauty.  Nature and artifice. Riva1920 invited me to bestow on these spectral trunks a second lease of life. A wonderful challenge. I tried to imagine how many memories, thoughts, fantasies and dreams have drifted past them in their time. These are the little objects I have concealed in the wood. It is a gesture who neither superimposes the new not cancels the old: it simply adds other lives and interweaves them with the essence of the briccole. A little goldfish, a good-luck charm of bright blue glass, a Japanese cat, a little Yi Xing teapot , a little Chinese pumpkin, a big shell, a ganesh made of rag, a big lump of Murano glass, a purse with a panda’s face, a turquoise egg-box, a ring of beads, a red cornet-shaped charm, an Agatha Christie book, a pair of sunglasses, a packet of seeds, a little bottle of Parma violets, a box of Leone pastilles, an ex-voto… Many objects have floated past the briccole. …Crumbs and things collected with unhurried calm.

Base finish:

Iron natural color

Structure finishing:



245 x 50 x h 174 cm

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