Unicorno Riva 1920

Unicorno Riva 1920

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When it carries out its function in the waters of Venice, the Briccola is a light and poetic item, one that reflects into the water a sort of soft elusiveness. Once its primary duty is over, when it is removed from its own “habitat” so to be re-placed, the Briccola becomes nothing more than a pole laying on the ground, where wearing effects and time damage the wood creating a harsh, uneven crust. That wood though, carries with it an important story and it is fascinating the idea of trying to bringing it back to life. In my case, I wanted to obtain a gentle image, turning upside down the hardness of the trunk. The UNICORN, conceived in different forms, is an ironic stool, as if it were a good luck toy. A wooden toy, indeed, primordially-cut, as Geppetto did when he created Pinocchio. A toy for adults, with blue and round eyes made of Murano glass, and the horn made of golden bronze.

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182 x 58 x h 45/94 cm


Price starting at € 2.266,00 € 3.105,00