Yoda Cattelan
Cattelan Italia

Yoda Cattelan

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Design: Paolo Cattelan

Another fix table in the new Cattelan Italia collection. Yoda is characterized by the central base in steel and the surface, oval, shaped or round, available in wood, crystal or ceramic. Thanks to its clean design, it meets at the same time classical and modern tastes.

Base finishing:

Painted titanium brushed steel

Steel embossed painted white

Black painted steel

Steel painted graphite

Top finishes:

Crystal transparent

Extra clear glass with bevelled edge

Canaletto walnut

Oak burned


Ø 140 x h 74 cm

Ø 160 x h 74 cm

Ø 158 x h 75 cm

200 x 120 x h 75 cm oval

200 x 120 x h 75 cm contoured

Ø 140 x h 76 cm

Ø 160 x h 76 cm

Price starting at € 2.729,00 € 3.032,00