Gipsy Bontempi outdoor

Gipsy Bontempi outdoor

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Design: Archivolto Design

Very nice this stackable chair by Bontempi. The polypropylene used is a light and resistant material,

100% recyclable and it's really enjoyable for the choice of colors. Its modern design caught with

meticulous attention the details to obtain a really nice and comfortable product; in fact its soft lines,

the light tilt of the backrest, the correct rounding of the seat, make Gipsy a quality chair. It's also

available in a version with armrests.

Minimum order of 2 chairs and multiples by color.

Structure, seat and back finishing:

White polypropylene

Sand polypropylene

Citroon polypropylene

Turquoise polypropylene

Strawberry red polypropylene

Blue marine polypropylene

Anthracite polypropylene


48 x 55 x h 85 cm  Gipsy

56 x 55 x h 85 cm Gipsy with armrest

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Gipsy Bontempi outdoor
Price starting at € 124,00 € 138,00