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Phantom Fiam

Phantom Fiam

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Design: Helidon Xhixha & Dante O. Benini - Luca Gonzo

Scenic and charming mirror for this new collection by Fiam. Wall or standing mirror in 6 mm high temperature fused glass, back-silvered. 5 mm flat mirror. Rear frame in painted metal. Can be hung in various positions.

The traces of heat forging are a peculiar and distinctive characteristic and guarantee the craftsmanship of the object.

Frame finish:

High temperature fused glass, back-silvered


90 x 15 x h 190 cm rectangular mirror A (version with frame only on one side)

98 x 18 x h 198 cm rectangular mirror B (version with frame on all the sides)

180 x 16 x h 90 cm oval mirror

Price starting at € 2.561,00 € 3.013,00