Eco Riva 1920

Eco Riva 1920

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Small table made of scented solid cedar wood. This product is thoroughly natural and the processes of realization have a low impact on the environment. The Eco small table is available only in cedar wood. This wood type is naturally scented. Riva 1920 recycles trees fallen due to natural causes (such as bad weather conditions) or due to scheduled deforestation, managed by European forest authorities.

Eco Block Small table made of solid scented cedar wood featuring an average 90-cm diameter, made of four assembled cedar wood sections fitted together.

The small table is provided with rotating wheels covered with rubber.

Diameter's tolerance +/- 10 %


Structure finishing:



Ø 60 x h 32 cm Eco 1

Ø 90 x h 32 cm Eco 2

Ø 90 x h 31.5 cm Eco Block Round

90 x 90 x h 31.5 cm Eco Block Squared

90 x 45 x h 31.5 cm  Eco Block Rectangular

Price starting at € 748,00 € 1.025,00