Ghost Fiam

Ghost Fiam

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Design: Cini Boeri

“I would never have thought of making a chair from glass ….my initial distrust of an idea which seemed quite unrealistic was overcome by the desire to take up the challenge and see whether it could actually be made, whether FIAM would be clever enough to transform the concept into reality.”
(Cini Boeri, 1987).
The GHOST pays homage to this fragile-looking chair model, which retains the playful, ironic spirit of what is actually a fi rm, solid seat, its evanescent, untrustworthy appearance notwithstanding. In this sense, GHOST represents the soul of a fi rm that is always ready to take up new, unthinkable technological challenges. The GHOST “mini” is made in curved glass 5 mm thick.

Structure finishing:

Curved transparent  glass 12 mm


95 x 75 x h 68 cm

Price starting at € 3.556,00 € 4.184,00