Apollo Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Apollo Cattelan Italia

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Design: Oriano Favaretto

Aproduct featuring a sophisticated design, where simplicity turns into pure elegance.

Ceiling lamp with lampshade made of 2 borosilicate glass spheres. Lower sphere in transparent glass and upper sphere in transparent glass or painted chrome, copper, bronze. Ceiling fixing in chromed steel.

Seek the best place for this lamp and try to put it close to others. The outcome will be quite scenic.

Structure finishing:

Chromed steel

Lower sphere finishing:

Transparent  borosilicate glass

Upper sphere finishing:

Chrome painted borosilicate glass

Copper painted borosilicate glass

Bronze painted borosilicate glass

Transparent  borosilicate glass


ø 16 x h 150 cm Apollo 1

90 x 16 x h 150 cm Apollo 5

ø70 x h 150 cm Apollo 8R

120 x 30 x h 150 cm Apollo 8 Oval

Price starting at € 354,00 € 394,00