Molletta & Mollettina Riva 1920

Molletta & Mollettina Riva 1920

Molletta & Mollettina Riva 1920

The MOLLETTA bench, in playing on the typical out-of-scale quality of Pop art, gives a hyper-natural interpretation to the cedar wood.

The object thus acquires a double life: the first is that of a roomy seat designed for large interiors and for the outdoors.

The second is that of a powerful sculptural element, able to define the identity of the surrounding space. The gigantic peg also pays homage however, to the simple and anonymous design that has always been silently present with us in our daily home life. 
The aesthetic strength of MOLLETTA owes a lot to the skilful workmanship of the solid wood that is part of Riva 1920's tradition. In this seat in particular, the workmanship of the oblique cuts brings out the grain and the tones of the natural cedar, creating an almost virtual texture that covers the entire object. Available in 3 different sizes.

Structure finishing:


Sandblasted cedar

Volcano cedar oil 

Cedar contract finishing

Metal mechanism:



140 x 39 x h 40 cm  Mollettina

190 x 45 x h 42 cm  Molletta Medium

239,4 x 45 x h 43 cm Molletta

Price starting at € 2.035,00 € 2.788,00
Cushcion on request.