Paris Tonin Casa
Tonin Casa

Paris Tonin Casa

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Design: Studio 28

A program made of storage units manufactured in micro-embossed MDF with laser technique cut doors, tempered glass and Swarovski® doorknobs. A design reminiscent of Arabic motifs that makes this collection unique and elegant, just one single module from the Paris Program furnishes with taste and class any environment.

Structure finishes:

Wood matt white

Wood matt black

Wood matt beige

Wood matt champagne

Doors finishes:

extra-white glass doors to match the structure


184 x 50 x h 84 cm Sideboard 3 doors Paris

244 x 50 x h 84 cm Sideboard 4 doors Paris

244 x 50 x h 48 cm TV stand Paris

Price starting at € 3.756,00 € 4.368,00