Ipanema Keramik Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Ipanema Keramik Cattelan Italia

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Design: Paolo Cattelan

Dedicated to those seeking modernity and creativity within the same furniture item. Ipanema Keramik is the fixed rectangular table that wants to be a prestigious protagonist of the modern-day living. The Keramik-stone top, along with the simple design of the base structure, creates an aesthetic result of beauty and timeless sophistication.

Structure finishing:

Painted steel titanium embossed
Steel painted black embossed
Painted steel graphite embossed 

Top finishes:

Ceramic Calacatta marble

Ceramic Ardesia marble

Ceramic marble Golden Calacatta matt

Ceramic marble Golden Calacatta glossy


158 x 78 x h 75 cm Rectangular contoured

140 x 78 x h 75 cm Rectangular contoured

158 x 78 x h 75 cm  similar oval

Price starting at € 1.971,00 € 2.190,00