Cattelan Italia

Giano Cattelan Italia

Giano Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Giano Cattelan Italia

Design: Manzoni & Tapinassi (2014)

Creativity makes new ideas. The table Giano is characterised by an unusual and pleasant structure; its design gives freedom to the imagination. Even the shape of the top of the table hasn’t got any corners or edges, but it is rather round and oval. Giano is designed modern and with youthful lines, giving a new look to the entire living space saved for it.Optional central swivelling tray in white, black or graphite painted extra clear frosted glass.

Structure finishing:

Steel white lacquered

Steel black lacquered

Steel graphite lacquered

Top finishing:

Walnut Canaletto

Bumed oak

White Carrara marble

Extra-white frosted glass white lacqued

Extra-white frosted glass black lacqued

Extra-white frosted glass graphite lacqued


ø 80 Lazy Susan

ø 140 x h 75 cm

ø 160 x h 75 cm

ø 180 x h 75 cm

240 x 120 x h 75 cm oval

290 x 130 x h 75 cm oval

Ø 140 x h 73 cm Keramik

200 x 100 x h 75 cm Keramik


Price starting at € 2.619,00 € 3.082,00