Convivium Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Convivium Cattelan Italia

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Design: Giorgio Cattelan

The extensible consolle Convivium is slender and tiny, conceived to embellish passages and at the same time to give a confortable support; quick and practical, it easily takes different dimensions. Its designer reached the right balance between shape and function meeting the request of everybody.

Structure finishing:

White embossed steel

Graphite embossed steel

Titanium embossed steel

Satine stainless steel 

Top finishing:

Grey oxide laminated 

Walnut laminated 

White climb laminated 

Grigio Londra Fenix laminated 

Castoro Ottawa Fenix laminated 

Cement laminated 


100 x 50/200 x h 75 cm

100 x 50/300 x h 75 cm

130 x 50/200 x h 75 cm

130 x 50/300 x h 75 cm

100 x 50 x h 75 cm

130 x 50 x h 75 cm


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Convivium Cattelan Italia
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