Scrigno Edra

Scrigno Edra

Scrigno Edra

Design: Fermando and Humberto Campane

Here’s a unique and unrepeatable element: the container Scrigno. Scrigno is precious, Scrigno is done entirely by hand, the external part is coated with a mosaic of mirrored shards, and inside the wood is lacquered with special varnishes with a high metallizing degree. Scrigno, a series of containers of different sizes, high or low with doors or with drawers. The Scrigno containers either have shelves in glass and lacquered wood with doors featuring a wing opening, or drawers equipped with total-extraction tracks. Scrigno is a very peculiar and sophisticated reflection game, while it almost escapes sight: the Scrigno containers for a very stylish furnishing, signed by Edra.

Legs finishing:
Dark gray steel
Polished brushed aluminum
Structure finishing:
Metalized lacquered wood of the same color as the external covering
External finishing:
Coloreflex mirror
135 x 47 x h 115 cm container
199 x 47 x h 73 cm low furniture
60 x 56 x h 153 cm seven-drawer
113 x 56 x h 90 cm chest of drawers

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