Chelsea Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Chelsea Cattelan Italia

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Design: Alessio Bassan.

Here is the high and great singularity complement. “A constant research of the style which can surprise due to its wholeness and beauty”, this is what the designer Alessio Bassan wanted to transmit with the chest Chelsea. Each particular is cared detailly, its colours are selected, the materials (lacquered wood structure and crystal top) are of optimum quality and worked masterly. All this complete the whole.

The B versions have steel visible base.


Structure finishing:

Mat white

Mat grey

Mat oyster

Top finishing:

Extra-clear white varnished glass

Extra-clear oyster varnished glass

Extra-clear grey varnished glass

Internal shelf finishing:

Clear glass

Base finishing:

Chrome steel

White varnished steel


137,5 x 46 x h 75 cm 2 doors

118 x 46 x h 140 cm 2 doors

193 x 46 x h 50 cm 3 doors

193 x 46 x h 75 cm 3 doors

193 x 46 x h 100 cm 3 doors

248 x 46 x h 50 cm 4 doors

248 x 46 x h 75 cm 4 doors

193 x 46 x h 65 cm 3 doors B

248 x 46 x h 65 cm 4 doors B

Price starting at € 2.593,00 € 2.881,00