Skid Bonaldo

Skid Bonaldo

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The Skid modular sofa designed by Studio Viganò stands out for its gently sloping armrests which lighten the overall appearance. The sense of lightness is also enhanced by the fact that it is lifted off the ground thanks to the metal feet, which are available in two different shapes, either straight or sled-shaped. The pure outline of Skid makes this sofa suitable for contemporary settings and more classical furnishings alike.

Feet finishing : 

Mat painted metal

Coating finishing : 



Sizes : 

250 x 100 x h 80 cm

220 x 100 x h 80 cm

190 x 100 x h 80 cm

120 x 120 x h 43 cm Pouf

120 x 70 x h 43 cm Pouf

87 x 87 x h 43 cm Pouf

330 x 230 x h 80 cm Combination 2

330 x 230 x h 80 cm Combination 3

Price starting at € 1.123,00 € 1.207,00