Peanut B Bonaldo

Peanut B Bonaldo

Peanut B Bonaldo

A strong expressive value for a piece of furniture intended to stimulate our most creative and imaginative side. It is a complete and versatile seating system, offering various easy configurations depending on the intended use and changing requirements. A wraparound softness which affords intense moments of relaxation, day in day out.

Peanut B entails a collection of modular components to be combined according to the user’s preferences, with three types of poufs to characterise every solution even further; the down padding makes it super soft and the various removable upholstery covers clad it with the user’s individual imagination.

Soft leather in neutral shades as well as colourful interpretations, thanks to the availability of a broad range of colours. Peanut B can be transformed to become the ideal complement to any particular surroundings. Some of the Peanut B units can be fitted with a sliding mechanism to extend the depth of the seat, making it all the more comfortable.

The ability to create the perfect composition: thanks to the host of different modules available, Peanut B is a “sociable”, extremely versatile sofa, designed to create generously proportioned areas for relaxation and conversation and to blend in seamlessly with any space.

Coating finishing:



Legs finish:

Metal lacquered matt grey anthracite


190 x 100 x h 68 cm

210 x 100 x h 68 cm

230 x 100 x h 68 cm

260 x 100 x h 68 cm

280 x 100 x h 68 cm

100 x 75 x h 44 cm Pouf

100 x 100 x h 44 cm Pouf

100 x 150 x h 44 cm Pouf

93 x 75 cm Pouf

342 x 250 x h 68 cm Cobination 3



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Price starting at € 737,00 € 793,00