Maui Riva 1920

Maui Riva 1920

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This armchair is made of scented cedar wood and it is carved out of a single block of wood with a 75 cm-wide diameter or larger. It is hand-finished. Its sinuous shape, characterized by the peculiar concentric circles of the cedar trunk section, makes out of Maui a true work of art without equals. It is a furnishing element ideal for both indoor or outdoor spaces (preferably covered). It should not be exposed to direct sunlight, or contact with water and ice. Any cracks or splits, before or after sale, are absolutely normal, being typical features of solid wood that, as it ages and becomes seasoned, moves according to the different conditions of the setting and humidity of the air. 

Base finish:

Natural iron

Seat finishing:



Ø 75 x h 47 cm fixed

Ø 75 x h 57 cm swivel

Price starting at € 2.390,00 € 3.275,00