Kairo Riva 1920

Kairo Riva 1920

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The year 2009 marks the beginning of the collaboration between the internationally renowned designer Karim Rashid and RIVA 1920. Reflecting on the experience of designing KAIRO, Karim Rashid says: “When I designed the KAIRO chair for RIVA 1920 I was inspired by the woodworking process that takes place in order to produce a piece of furniture from a single block of wood. The unusual double-arc form carved into the chair draws its inspiration from a recent trip to Egypt where I was particularly struck by these lines that seem to conjure up an eye”. The photos illustrate different production phases of the KAIRO chair: the solid cedar block, previously squared off, is placed inside a special machine that carves the block around to obtain the required shape. To obtain the final shape of the armchair, the machine works nonstop for over 8 hours. The final smoothing, all done by hand, takes another four hours of work.

Structure finishing:



100 x 73 x h 70 cm

Price starting at € 3.441,00 € 4.715,00