26 September 2023

When the Fragility of Glass Becomes a Strength in Interior Design: Exploring Lago, the Charm of "Made in Italy"

In the world of interior design, the fragility of glass is often associated with delicacy and caution. However, the Italian brand Lago has managed to transform this apparent fragility into a strength, giving rise to innovative and lightweight creations that exude elegance and modernity, typical of the "Made in Italy" excellence. Through their unique vision, Lago has created a space where lightness, comfort, and functionality harmoniously blend, allowing design enthusiasts to live in an environment that seems suspended between the real and the ethereal.

The Art of Sleeping on Clouds: Lago's Air Bed

Lago's Air Bed is a tangible testament to how the fragility of glass can be harnessed to create a light and relaxing sleeping experience. The floating design of the bed seems to evoke the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. The suspended frame, made of tempered glass, contributes to creating an airy atmosphere in the room, while the padded headboard offers the perfect balance between comfort and style. This design masterpiece captures light and reflects the changing shades of the surrounding environment, creating a breathtaking visual effect.

Lightness and Functionality: Lago's Air Table

Lago's Air Table represents another demonstration of the brand's ability to transform glass into functional works of art. The lightweight and suspended structure of the table seems to defy gravity, adding a touch of magic to the surrounding environment. This table becomes the focal point of the room, attracting attention with its ethereal elegance. The creative use of tempered glass in different finishes creates a play of transparency and reflections that make the Air Table a timeless design element.

Technological Innovation and Design: Lago's Now Sideboard

Lago's Now Sideboard represents the harmonious fusion of design and technology. The suspended furniture pieces are not only a manifestation of lightness but also offer practicality in cleaning thanks to the possibility of using vacuum robots without obstacles. The apparent fragility of glass is balanced by the solidity of the structure, creating a work that masterfully combines form and function. The Now Sideboard becomes a display space for precious objects and a design element that captures the eye.

Evoking New Material Expressions of Glass

Lago is known for its constant commitment to exploring new frontiers in design, and their creations with glass are no exception. Through the creative use of different finishes, processes, and forms, Lago has expanded the very concept of glass fragility. Glass is no longer just a delicate material but rather a means of expression that can capture light, convey emotions, and create unique atmospheres.

The Story of Lago: A Tradition of Innovation and Design

The Lago brand has a history rooted in innovation and a passion for design, typical of Italian craftsmanship. Founded in 1976 by Daniele Lago, the company has established itself as an icon in the world of contemporary furniture. Lago's approach to design is based on the continuous search for new materials, shapes, and solutions, with the aim of creating living spaces that are aesthetically captivating and functionally cutting-edge.

In conclusion, Lago has astonishingly demonstrated that the fragility of glass can be transformed into a strength through innovative design and attention to detail, bringing with it the excellence of "Made in Italy." Their products, such as the Air Bed, Air Table, and Now Sideboard, are tangible testimonies of how glass can be used to create light, modern, and sophisticated living experiences. Lago continues to redefine the boundaries of design, turning fragility into beauty and lightness into functionality, with the grit and passion typical of Italian art.



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