27 January 2023

Varaschin-wellness: how to bring your Wellness space home.

Recreating a spa at home is the best way to spoil yourself and relax after a long day at work. All it takes is a little imagination, a few tricks and the right products.

Take your spa home step by step.

To create a spa at home, the first thing to do is to choose the most suitable space, whether it is a room in the house or simply a corner of the flat. But if you have a large enough garden or terrace, you can set up the wellness area outdoors.

Choose the right furniture and accessories.

To create a spa at home, it is essential to buy the right furniture and accessories. If the wellness area is to be set up outdoors, it is ideal to furnish it with individual wooden beds or sun loungers that can also be used indoors. A massage table is a must in every wellness area, along with soft towels, pillows and possibly beauty products to indulge yourself with, from facial scrubs to body peels.

Creating the right atmosphere

To get the most out of a home spa, it is essential to create the right atmosphere. Lighting is the starting point: you need soft, warm or coloured lights if you want to make the most of the benefits of chromotherapy and diffuse a pleasant fragrance, choosing your favourite scent. Listening to background music is another effective way to free the brain from everyday worries and enjoy the moment of well-being. A detoxifying drink or a simple hot infusion will recreate the feeling of being in a real spa.

The hydromassage bath

Taking a hot bath while enjoying a massage is the best way to relax at the end of a long day. A hydromassage bathtub is a real pleasure that you can bring into your home to create that dream room.


Lighting is perhaps the simplest way to turn the home into a healing space. It is therefore advisable to install dimmers in each luminaire, which allow you to adjust the light in each space.

The floor

Radiant underfloor heating is an alternative way of heating the house: it supplies heat through electrical cables or hot water pipes hidden under the floor covering, ensuring an even distribution of heat.

The colour palette

The colour of the walls is crucial to promote peace and relaxation. The recommendation is to choose earthy muted tones or backgrounds with images of nature.
The minimalist approach of Japanese design is perfect for creating an environment that avoids a feeling of overwhelm. With this in mind, remember that white can be a smart choice to keep things simple and increase visibility.

Bringing the wellness zone home: a new dimension of wellness.

Wellness Therapy is Varaschin's core business. It is an innovative wellness concept, developed through tailor-made spaces dedicated to self-care, health and beauty. Since every wellness demand is totally unique, Varaschin offers tailor-made projects and equipment to spoil its clients and accompany them in creating a new dimension in their own home.

An exceptional wellness consultant.

Before we start, Varaschin is interested in finding out what wishes, ambitions and goals we have for the relaxation area in order to realise them. This is the beginning of a constant exchange that develops into a lasting commitment in the name of relaxation, wellness and health.

Wellness is a daily routine.

Staying healthy for as long as possible means relaxation and well-being. So why deprive yourself of it? Varaschin's innovative solutions make it possible to create spa areas even in the smallest of spaces and enjoy a daily wellness ritual in absolute privacy.

Design? Yes, of course.

Technology, without a doubt, but also comfort. And, above all, emotions. This is what sets Varaschin apart from the competition. Its own unique and inimitable relaxation area, characterised by design elements that blend perfectly with the colours, styles and shapes of any home.

Quality in the forefront.

Beautiful, of course, but also functional: Varaschin wellness areas are designed with the utmost attention to detail, top quality materials and a performance that is second to none in luxury spas.

Tailor-made projects.

The most advanced technological systems and high-performance solutions are the main pillars of Varaschin. This is how a real dream takes shape from a wish and with the guarantee of a brand like Varaschin. And because safety cannot be an optional extra, all products are certified and designed to live a long life and accompany customers on enriching journeys for body and mind.

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