15 June 2023

The Nestrest: the luxury retreat for your garden

It's not just a sofa or a swing to liven up your outdoor area. The Nestrest is a luxurious and fashionable outdoor furniture that livens up your garden and offers a touch of sophistication.

But what is the nestrest? We talked about it with Dedon, a brand that we at Martinel Arredamenti are happy to distribute. But let's go in order.


A way of designing and experiencing comfort
The embodiment of luxury and comfort
Nestrest by Dedon: the furnishing element that makes any garden more luxurious
Why buy a Nestrest for your outdoor area?

A way to design and experience comfort

Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, what we all seek is a retreat where we can immerse ourselves in serenity and enjoy the beauty of nature. And when it comes to creating an outdoor space that conveys a sense of luxury and well-being, there is no better solution than to rely on Dedon.

Since its founding in 1990, Dedon has been dedicated to weaving stylish and durable outdoor furniture from synthetic fibres. The company has focused absolutely on the quality of its products, becoming a global benchmark in the industry. Its revolutionary vision has redefined the concept of garden furniture, bringing the same level of luxury and comfort as indoor lounges.

With headquarters in Germany, production plants in the Philippines, a subsidiary in the United States, offices in Hong Kong and showrooms and representatives all over the world, Dedon has become a truly international brand. In fact, it is present in more than 80 countries on six continents and is constantly expanding.

With some 1,000 dedicated employees worldwide, Dedon is synonymous with excellence, craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. Its weather-resistant synthetic fibre has made it possible to create furniture that withstands the elements without sacrificing refined aesthetics. Among its recognisable and original star products is the Nestrest.

Let's get to know it in depth.

The embodiment of luxury and comfort

What is Nestrest? The word itself may suggest a few clues: nest - rest. Nestrest is a piece of furniture based on the idea of the nest that birds create to protect their chicks, with a closed shape, ideal for hanging from a tree or from a wrought iron element.

Presented at the Milan Furniture Fair 2018, this curious piece of outdoor furniture caught the attention of visitors and did not go unnoticed by imitators either. A capsule made of natural materials, it blends in perfectly with the surrounding green environment, creating a green combination of ecology and comfort.

Dedon's proposal was to build a house in nature (or, vice versa, to bring nature into the house). Among the interior design elements that stood out was the Nestrest, proposed to enhance the living room or a particularly green bedroom.

The ergonomic design of the Nestrest is a true symphony of elegance and practicality. Its enveloping shape, like a protective shell, welcomes you and invites you to relax completely. Seated or lying down, the Nestrest adapts to your needs, offering you unparalleled comfort.

Owning this iconic and highly valued piece of furniture is an invitation to experience unforgettable moments. It is a haven where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and rediscover calm and serenity.

Nestrest by Dedon: the furnishing element that makes any garden even more luxurious.

The quality of the materials used in Nestrest by Dedon is simply extraordinary. From the hand-woven synthetic fibre, resistant to weathering and deformation, to the sturdy aluminium structure, every detail has been selected for its durability and strength. This means you can enjoy your Nestrest for years to come, without worrying about the effects of time or weather.

Imagine sitting in your Nestrest, with a soft blanket wrapped around you as you listen to the sound of tree branches rustling in the wind. Watch the sun filter through the foliage, creating a play of light and shadow that envelops you. The Nestrest is the place where your dreams of outdoor relaxation come true.

The Nestrest by Dedon also offers freedom of customisation. It is available in a variety of colours and finishes, allowing you to tailor it to your personal style and aesthetic. You can choose from bright shades to create a playful ambience or neutral tones for a feeling of understated elegance. The choice is yours, and each option brings you one step closer to creating the outdoor space of your dreams.

Nestrest by Dedon: the furnishing element that makes any garden more luxurious

The Nestrest is more than an outdoor furniture, it is a style statement and an unparalleled experience. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to transform any outdoor space into a personal paradise, where every desire for luxury and comfort is fulfilled.

It is not your typical outdoor armchair, a simple lounger or a decorative swing that sets a playful tone in the garden. Armrests are not often seen precisely because they are sophisticated furniture, ideal for those who want more from their outdoor space.

Their sinuous, enveloping lines create a sense of intimacy and privacy, while pampering you with unparalleled comfort. It is the perfect place to relax, read a book, take a short break or simply contemplate the beauty of the surrounding nature.

The design of the Nestrest is a perfect balance of organic forms and contemporary design, creating a work of art that blends seamlessly into any prestigious outdoor environment. It is a symbol of refined taste and sophistication.


Nestrest by Dedon is more than a suspended chair, it is a work of art that invites you to discover a new way of outdoor living. With its enveloping design, high-quality materials and attention to detail, Nestrest by Dedon offers an incomparable oasis of luxury and comfort in your outdoor space.

To learn more about the creator of Nestrest and his revolutionary vision of outdoor furniture, visit Martinel e-commerce in the section dedicated to the iconic German brand.

Don't settle for ordinary outdoor furniture, choose Dedon's excellence, quality and uncompromising design. Experience an unforgettable outdoor experience, surrounded by unique pieces that reflect your style and personality. Whether you are creating a quiet corner to relax or hosting a special event with friends and family, Dedon has the perfect solution for every occasion.

Order your Nestrest today to make your garden a corner of paradise wrapped in design and luxury. You'll get free, efficient delivery and exclusive, quality customer service.

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