27 February 2023

Roda: Italian design made for the enjoyment of beauty

Long-lasting, comfortable and aesthetically attractive: these are the characteristics of Roda's designer outdoor furniture. The brand is Italian, its creation dates back to the 1990s by Roberto Pompa, but it made its mark in the early 2000s with the appointment of Rodolfo Dordoni as artistic director. The choice is not random: Dordoni is one of the most prominent names on the international design scene and attracted prestigious collaborations to the brand, such as those with the Lievore Altherr Molina studio, Maria Gabriella Zecca and Gordon Guillaumier. The result is unique collections that are appreciated all over the world.


Roda design: its philosophy


With a single word, personality. Designed to fit into contexts of sophisticated or simple taste, Roda Design furniture is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. An eye-catcher that stands out in any context, from a large patio to a small terrace.

The starting point is that today's lifestyle no longer focuses exclusively on the home, but also outside the home, in gardens, public spaces and even parks. In short, it is a question of creating bridges between indoors and outdoors, taking into account all the issues of security, biodiversity and conviviality that make up places,

Aesthetics are reflected both in the choice of materials and in the lines of the outdoor furniture. Components imported from abroad create resonances between the different spaces. By incorporating references to the style of the interior decoration, the exterior becomes an extension of the home. This approach is achieved through colours, materials or even objects.

Designed for outdoors, but also perfect for indoors, Roda's proposals are born and developed around this concept. For this reason, the company uses prestigious materials (in addition to wood and teak, also leather and stone) that give life to elements, both in the sense of time (and therefore durability) and space.


Roda Design: Your style

Contemporary, authentic and pure, but also ecological. Roda design once again puts materials before form, because it is form that makes the real difference. Thus, the outdoor collection offers a series of modular units that allow you to customise any type of environment. The inspiration for part of the collection is Nordic, but there is no shortage of elements with more refined lines. Unique pieces capable of standing out from the rest and attracting attention. The main objective, however, continues to be functionality, and outdoor furniture, like indoor furniture, is for Roda Design to live with and enjoy.

Roda Design: eco-sustainability in the foreground


In the 21st century, it is impossible to present oneself as a pioneering company without paying attention to eco-sustainability. This is why this principle has been part of Roda design's philosophy almost from the very beginning: the choice of quality materials has a double advantage: on the one hand, saving on maintenance costs and, on the other, reducing the environmental impact of the furniture.

In fact, one of the biggest problems today is the way we consume. The more we buy, the more we produce, with the inevitable environmental consequences. The first basic rule is to offer furniture that lasts a long time.

Secondly, there is the selection of recyclable materials, such as wood.

The Roda collection also includes recycled materials, especially rope and cork, which furnish in style while reducing CO2 emissions.


Roda design: the styles

People have always liked to decorate the interiors of their homes in one or more styles, so why not do the same for the outdoors? A Scandinavian or industrial garden? A classically chic balcony or a modern designer terrace? Roda design furniture allows you to choose any type of design.

If relaxation is the key word, then Scandinavian style is the way to go, loving soft, natural materials and shades of beige, grey, white and dove grey.

For those who prefer clean but refined lines, stone is ideal, for a modern style. Minimalism is the key word. In short, decorate according to the principle of quality rather than quantity.

The classic chic style for outdoors is perfect for lovers of order and gardening; the pop style suits fans of the 70s and brings nuances and mixtures of shapes and materials. Finally, wood, stone and metal are the stars of the industrial style, which can even work wonders outdoors. Try it to believe it.

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