10 March 2023

Outdoor furniture: how to create your own barbecue area.

Outdoor dining with friends in summer is a real pleasure. If you want to create the perfect barbecue area, there are a few important things to consider when choosing your outdoor furniture.

In this article you will find a step-by-step guide to create the perfect area for your next barbecue with friends. At the end of the content, we will also give you tips on the best outdoor furniture brands so you can make the most of your garden or terrace.

Choose the right place

Before thinking about outdoor furniture, you should focus on the location of your barbecue area. You should locate a quiet and private area, away from the prying eyes of neighbours and the ears of passers-by. In fact, when you organise a barbecue, you are not only making noise because you are having fun, but you are also producing smells that may not be to the liking of those around you.

To prevent the smells and noise from reaching those around you, you can choose to install elegant windbreaks, building brick structures that are perfect for even the rainiest of days. Alternatively, for summer dinners, you can always buy a Talenti umbrella to make the barbecue area less hot.

Choose a sheltered area for your barbecue, but one that is also both spacious and comfortable enough to accommodate a large number of friends. The barbecue area should also be well lit and ventilated, as well as protected from the wind. In addition, the distance from the house and the kitchen should be taken into account to facilitate the transport of food and cooking utensils.

Barbecue or outdoor kitchen?
The barbecue is the key element of the outdoor area. Invest in a quality barbecue that will last for many years. Choose a model that suits your needs and the space available. There are many types of barbecues on the market: gas, charcoal and wood.

However, this is not the only solution for your outdoor furniture: you can opt for a garden kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are usually equipped with a gas hob, oven, sink and storage space for cooking utensils. They are larger and more complex than barbecues, but offer greater flexibility and can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes.

A garden kitchen is a comfortable and elegant design solution that will turn your outdoor evenings into real events to share with those you love. Roda outdoor kitchens have become one of the most popular among Italians, where meals can be prepared and served in the garden, in comfort and elegance.

Roda's constant research into materials results in outdoor kitchens that are impeccable, durable and full of functionality.

Create a functional cooking space

A functional work area is essential for preparing and cooking food. Install a heat- and fire-resistant work surface and add a sink for washing hands and cooking utensils.

Make sure you also have a container for waste to prevent it from ending up on the ground or in the surrounding area.

To get a cooking area in the garden, you can opt for a complete outdoor kitchen, such as the designs proposed by Fantin, equipped with a stainless steel gas barbecue and resistant materials even if left outdoors. Alternatively, you can use modular outdoor furniture accessories, such as those proposed by Talenti, along with a wide range of made-to-measure outdoor kitchens.

How to make a cosy BBQ area
Adding seating and tables is essential to create a comfortable and welcoming area for your guests. You can choose from a wide range of options, such as plastic, wood or metal chairs. Dedon, for example, offers its customers cosy solutions, such as Sebastian Herkner's line of upholstered outdoor chairs or the comfortable and versatile fabric folding chairs from the Seax line.

Don't forget to choose a table large enough to accommodate all your guests and make sure it is resistant enough to withstand the weight of food and drinks. Fantin also offers collections of durable designer tables with a simple yet sophisticated look, perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

To complete the barbecue area and offer your guests a relaxed atmosphere after the meal, consider choosing sofas and loungers that are soft, easy to clean and durable. Roda sofas, outdoor armchairs and sun loungers are available in different materials and designs, perfect for every style and need.

Resistant and durable, upholstered or made of top quality wood, these outdoor furnishing elements make any barbecue or outdoor seating area more elegant and appreciated by your guests.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

Finally, creating a pleasant atmosphere is essential to make the barbecue area a welcoming place for your guests. In this respect, the choice of lighting can add a touch of sophistication and intimacy to your barbecue area, or it can make it informal and playful.

Use soft lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere or brighter lights to make the atmosphere lively and fun. An economical solution can be to use candles or lanterns to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere, or opt for environmentally friendly LED lights.

Brands such as Dedon provide access to a wide range of soft and elegant lighting for any garden. Also take a look at Roda's garden lighting offerings that fit in perfectly with many styles and provide a truly unique ambience.


Creating the perfect outdoor area for barbecues with friends requires attention to detail and careful planning.

It is important to add decorative elements to create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, with comfortable furniture, plants and flowers, and appropriate lighting, including pictures, artwork or photographs.

With these tips, you can create a barbecue area that is perfect for sharing delicious summer dinners with friends and family.

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