04 November 2019


The bedroom is the area of your home entirely dedicated to your comfort and relax after a long day.

The bedrooms are the most intimate and private rooms of the house and usually the furniture reflects the owner personal taste to feel completely at ease, without committing to new trends. They became your safe place where each detail and piece of furniture can deliver authentic emotions.

You can create a cozy space for singles, partners and families where everyone can rest during the day with a few simple tricks: 

from choosing the right bed and every piece of furniture around it.

The first thing to consider is the bed, the true protagonist of the room which is a synonym for comfort and visual impact.

That’s why Martinel has created an entire line dedicated to bedrooms in order to meet everyone’s needs.


The classic charm of wood

You can never get tired of a wooden bed frame, it’s versatile, elegant and it fits well with every style of furniture. Our new BENNY design combines well with various spaces and its different bed frames and feet variations and can be adapted to different spaces and environments.


The comfiest padding

For those who are looking for the maximum comfort, our double bed frame with padding it’s the perfect fit.

The soft structure can be lined with different materials, from leather to synthetic fabrics, to turn the bed into the comfiest haven. Our FREE model can be personalized in many ways and the cover is removable so that it’s suitable for those who suffer from allergies.


There’s more to the bed

Every piece of furniture can create the right atmosphere in the bedroom, an example is our EVEN line. This line contributes to create an industrial look perfect for a young and modern house, where the room’s lights and colors reflect on the lacquered surfaces.


For those who wish to personalize every detail to their liking, our PINKO line it’s a perfect fit with the vertical and horizontal designs which help to lighten the dense structure.

The bedside table has two drawers and the handle can be placed in the left or the right and the inserts can be personalized with different colors.

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