16 February 2023

How to light the chill-out area

In the relaxation area, the choice of lighting must be carefully considered to reproduce a warm, cosy and functional atmosphere at the same time. We all spend a lot of time in the living room,wether alone or with our families: therefore, this room has various lighting needs, depending on the time of day and activities.

Lighting in your chill-out area: 9 rules to avoid mistakes

The basic requirement for lighting the relaxation area is to vary the light sources. Floor lamps, suspensions, wall sconces... Multiplying the light points creates an effect that is both soothing and lively at the same time. This first rule is followed by an additional 8 :

- Find the right balance: light sources should be distributed in such a way as to achieve even and harmonious lighting.

- Weight the lighting power: to correctly illuminate a room, the formula lumen/m² = lux can be used.

- Choose the colour temperature: depending on taste and the desired atmosphere, you can opt for warm or bright white lighting.

- Opt for dimmable lighting: opt for lights with dimmers.

- Install controlled sockets: these allow all lights in the room to be switched on or off at the same time.

- Balance direct and indirect lighting: the advice is to choose glass lamps, e.g. in the shape of a globe, which diffuse an even and soft light.

- Choose models suited to the size of the living room: In small spaces, the key is to free up floor space.

- Determine the right height: the correct height is 2.50 metres below the ceiling and at least 1.80 metres from the floor.

Lighting the Relax Zone: Trends 2023

Design, yes, but also made simple. The Relax Area Lighting Trends for 2023 emphasise soft shapes and clean lines. Some existing trends continue to grow, while others come out for the first time. Lighting becomes more eclectic and unusual, but it also becomes much more personalised. Playing with time and gravity: this is the must. On one side, with futuristic lighting, both technical and eye-catching. On the other, with vintage-chic lines that make you dream of the past. Luminaires with ultra-thin cables defy the laws of gravity. Thanks to their sophisticated design, they seem to float in the room. The total black style makes an impression in living rooms, with black designer lights that even without light, manage to stand out.

The curves
Accessories and furniture that embrace curves are experiencing a growing trend, but curved lighting fixtures will also take centre stage this year. Lighting has always been one of the most important elements of interior design. By placing curved table lamps around the house, the organic lines will create intimacy in the space. Curved lamps, such as Cattelan's Astra Arc, are sure to make a statement and are an easy way to infuse a bit of spice into the lounging area.

Inspired by the law of gravity
At first glance, these lights seem to challenge the laws of gravity: suspended by cables, they give the impression of being floating objects. Behind this tightrope walker game are sophisticated designs: magnets, separate suspensions or even cable pulling mechanisms. In short, these trendy luminaires produce a great effect while exuding, on the surface, simplicity. And so Cattelan's Bamboo lamp, for example, manages to diffuse a fascinating light but also to stand out as a true work of art.

Bubble lamps
Minimalism and elegance: Bubble Lamps in transparent or coloured glass are back in fashion. Ideal for not weighing down small spaces and, at the same time, for dressing them up, they are available in a range of arrangements, which can be multiplied or linked together.
Spheres and eclipses give life to Baban, a chandelier with clean and refined lines, able to give character and blend with any wall colour. But also Tonin chooses crystal spheres of different colours, which look like an atom under a microscope, to illuminate and re-warm the room with elegance.

Sculptural Style
Definitely funky, with interesting shapes and lines, extravagant models prevail - suspended, wall-mounted and also in a table version.
Lamps with a sculptural aesthetic enhance reading corners and dark corners, but also act as a work of art when switched off. Seletti has made this their ethos. They are meant to replace glass drops and, combined with wall and floor lamps, add glamour to any room.

The elegant, modern version moves away from the rustic elements associated with the traditional industrial style. Lighting fixtures return to the centre of attention in sophisticated and refined looking rooms.
Less is more is still the philosophy: minimal lines, a contemporary style and quality materials built to last. A perfect trend to create an elegant and streamlined aesthetic.


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