20 April 2023

Choosing the perfect dining table: tips on sizes, materials and styles

Furnishing the dining room is an important task for anyone who wants to create a cosy and functional environment in their home, perfect for spending moments of pleasure around a table laid with every delicacy.

And it is precisely the dining table that is one of the focal points of the room, which must be chosen carefully to ensure maximum functionality and comfort.

Choosing the right dining table is crucial for creating a cosy and functional space in your kitchen. This piece of furniture must be chosen based on a number of factors, such as the style of your home décor, the space available in the room where it will be placed, and the number of people who must be able to sit comfortably around it.
It must therefore accommodate the guests and harmonise with the style and size of the room. In this article, we will provide some useful tips on how to choose the perfect dining table to meet space, functionality and design requirements.

The ideal sizes for a dining table

True, the size of the dining table must fit the size of the room, but there are some rules you should take into account. The length of the table should be at least 60 cm per person, but it is advisable to provide 90 cm each to have enough space for dishes and cutlery.

The distance between the table and the wall should be at least 90 cm to allow people to pass through. On the other hand, the distance between the table and the chairs should be at least 30 cm to allow for correct posture.

Materials for a dining table

Currently, there are several fashionable materials for a dining table, depending on the style and atmosphere you wish to create in your dining room. Dining tables can be made of solid wood, glass, metal or marble.
Wood is a warm and cosy material, available in many varieties and finishes. It is a durable and long-lasting, but above all natural, material that suits many styles of furniture. Solid wood, the preferred material of the Pacini&Cappellini furniture brand, is a popular choice for its traditional look and durability.

Pacini&Cappellini offers fixed and extendable solid wood dining tables, characterised by a sophisticated contemporary design. The proposal includes many shapes and styles, perfect for any furnishing style, even the most modern and sophisticated.

In the catalogue, there are also elements in tempered glass or marble. Glass is an elegant and modern choice, but requires more maintenance than other materials. Transparencies offer the illusion of a larger and not at all stuffy dining room, and are modern and refined, adding a touch of elegance to any style.

Marble is a luxurious material, in true Italian style, that lends itself to creating elegant and refined dining tables. Its unique texture and grain make it a sophisticated and exclusive option.

Discover the proposal of tables in glass, marble and other materials by Cattelan, a Made in Italy furniture brand perfect for any need, modern and avant-garde. These solutions are comfortable and functional, contemporary and ideal for your style.

Finally, for industrial and modern furniture, you can opt for metal dining tables, a trendy and minimalist option for furnishing your dining room. Steel, brass and aluminium are the most common materials, but wrought iron or copper can also be used.  Metal can be an ideal choice if you want a durable table and have no particular budget requirements.

Which table shape to choose?
There are different shapes of dining table, each with its own characteristics and advantages. The most common is the rectangular dining table, which is versatile and suitable for any type of dining room and furnishing style. The rectangular table offers a large and comfortable surface to seat many people.

For smaller or more refined spaces, there are also round and square tables. The square table offers an intimate and cosy atmosphere in the dining room, but is also small in size, seating four people at most.
The round table is an elegant and sophisticated shape, ideal for those seeking a convivial and informal atmosphere in the dining room. The round table offers a balanced seating arrangement and good visibility among guests.

There are also other interesting dining table shapes: similar to the rectangular table, but with rounded edges, the oval table is an elegant choice for medium to large dining rooms. It can accommodate a larger number of diners than the round table. Even more refined and unusual, a horseshoe table is suitable for large dining rooms and can accommodate a large number of diners. The horseshoe shape allows easy access to all seats and is ideal for ceremonies.

Finally, we recommend opting for an extendable table for small and large dining rooms because it can be extended to accommodate a larger number of diners. It is also a practical solution for families who only wish to have a larger table on special occasions.

Choose your ideal dining table according to your style and needs. Discover the best furniture brands, such as Varaschin, with numerous modern and trendy proposals, sophisticated materials and eye-catching shapes.

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