22 June 2023

Arco Flos: the floor lamp that is a must-have in a luxury living room

Imagine a floor lamp that is much more than just a lighting object. Not only will you get a piece of furniture that will add a touch of sparkle to your home, but also a work of art that knows how to attract the attention of your guests.

Arco Flos by Flos is a work of art that transforms the surrounding space with its majestic presence and extraordinary design. It is the brand's flagship piece of furniture that deserves all our esteem. But what you should know is the launch of the limited edition Arco Flos, with a wonderful glass base.

Read on and find out more. If at the end of the article you have understood the beauty and value of the Arco Flos floor lamp, feel free to visit the Flos section of our e-commerce and order your lamp ready for delivery.


Flos contemporary decoration
Arco Flos: the best floor lamp in limited edition
Why buy an Arco Flos?

Contemporary decor by Flos

Flos is the Italian designer lighting company that has redefined the meaning of the words "Arco", "Parentesi" and "Lamp". Since its inception in the early 1960s, the Flos lamp catalogue has featured iconic products that have transformed the way we live and perceive space.

What makes Flos so special is its constant capacity for innovation. In addition to cutting-edge design, the company also strives to remain at the forefront of lighting technology. This is reflected in its most recent creations, such as the La Plus Belle light mirror, designed by Philippe Starck, which represents the perfect union of functionality and aesthetics, offering a soft, diffused light that creates a magical and inviting atmosphere.

Each Flos lamp is characterised by a striking and unique design. Clean, minimalist lines blend with high quality materials, creating luminous works of art that do not go unnoticed. Every detail is carefully crafted, from the satin stainless steel telescopic stem to the white Carrara marble base. Each element contributes to an extraordinary visual and sensory experience.

With Flos, light becomes much more than a functional element. It becomes an opportunity to create unique atmospheres, to express your own style and to transform spaces into exciting and fascinating places. Their flagship product, the one that has made them a world-renowned and noteworthy company, is undoubtedly the famous Flos Arco.

Arco Flos: the best floor lamp, limited edition

The famous Flos Arco lamp was designed in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and has since gained the attention and esteem of design enthusiasts.

Because of its creator, the Arco Flos also takes the name Arco K and since 2022 it is also available in a limited edition version that is not to be missed.

The Arco K features a base made of white Carrara marble, appreciated and sought after all over the world, which gives the lamp a solid stability and timeless beauty. Its elegant presence blends perfectly with any environment, from classic to modern, conveying a sense of refinement and prestige.

In the limited edition version, the real star is the glass base, which lends a unique elegance and suggestive light to the environment.

The satin stainless steel telescopic rod remains unchanged, faithful to the original design, guaranteeing functionality and versatility.

This floor lamp represents the perfect union between form and material. The glass, with its transparency and shine, creates a magical effect when the light falls on it, diffusing a warm and enveloping luminosity. Each one is made to order, which gives each piece an aura of exclusivity and uniqueness. Owning an Arco K 2022 Limited Edition means owning a piece of design history, a landmark that will transform any room into an oasis of elegance and style.

This floor lamp is not only an object of illumination, but a symbol of refined taste and love for design. Every time it is switched on, the Arco K 2022 Limited Edition creates an evocative atmosphere, enveloping the space with a warm and enveloping light. It is capable of transforming any environment, giving it an aura of prestige and timeless beauty.

Why buy an Arco Flos?

Expressing the desire to own a Flos Arco is like dreaming of owning a piece of design history, a symbol of timeless elegance that will bring a new dimension of light and style to your home. Clearly, it is not just a floor lamp, but a refined piece of furniture ideal for those homes that need an extra touch of wonder and sophistication.

Buying a Flos Arco means bringing your spaces to life, transforming them into refined and classy environments. This floor lamp is much more than just a simple lighting object: it is a statement of taste and sophistication, a design icon that catches the eye and arouses admiration.

We at Martinel are very proud to be able to collaborate with this historic brand and to present to all design aficionados its sophisticated and chic flagship product.

Its elegant and bold features welcome you, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Its satin stainless steel telescopic stem rises majestically, while its white Carrara marble base adds a touch of luxury and sophistication. Every detail has been taken care of with the utmost precision, from the adjustable and height-adjustable reflector made of pressed, polished and polished aluminium, which allows you to modulate the light according to your needs.

Discover Flos and its iconic Arco K, also in limited edition, in our e-commerce and let yourself be conquered by a timeless and timeless brand.

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