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Mago Bontempi

Mago Bontempi

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Design: R&D Bontempi

Mago by Bontempi is a table with different personalities, it's extensible and can be considered in a

living room, rather than in a kitchen-but it's also a console changing into a dining table or a study

desk if necessary. It can suit any furnishing style, besides, quality-price ratio is absolutely at best.

This extensible table is among the most requested and sold of Bontempi's production.It's easily

adaptable to any finishing style.

Advised the chair: Shark, Aria, Hidra

Structure finishing:

Aluminium lacquered steel, white, black, sand, dark brown, anthracite, chrome

Top finishing:

Melamine finishing: (stretches in matching the top)

Aluminium melamine

Anthracite melamine

White melamine

Sand melamine


Fenix laminate top and extension:
Alaska white
Ottawa sand
Grey London
Glass top:
Crystal gloss black lacquered extensions in charcoal melamine
Crystal lacquered glossy taupe extension with melamine sand
Crystal lacquered glossy dark brown extensions in charcoal melamine
Crystal gloss anthracite lacquered extensions in charcoal melamine
Crystal extra-shiny extensions in white melamine
Crystal velvet matte white scratch resistant extensions in white melamine
Velvet crystal scratch resistant matte taupe extension with melamine sand
Crystal Velvet head extensions mat dark anthracite melamine
Crystal Velvet anthracite matte charcoal melamine extensions
Unicolor scratch resistant floor:
Unicolor scratch resistant Brown stone extensions melamine anthracite
Scratch-resistant unicolor White extensions white melamine
Unicolor scratch resistant Stone nanto extensions white melamine
Scratch-resistant unicolor porphyry extensions melamine sand
Unicolor scratch resistant melamine anthracite lava stone extensions
Unicolor scratch resistant melamine extensions Botticino sand
SuperCeramica white allunge white melamine
SuperCeramica sand extensions melamine sand
SuperCeramica extensions melamine Anthracite Anthracite

100/140 x 70 x h 75 cm Mago

120/180 x 80 x h 75 cm Mago

140/200 x 80 x h 75 cm Mago

120 x 45/75 x h 75 cm Mago Console


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Mago Bontempi
Price starting at € 613,00 € 681,00