59 x 37 x h 174 cm Milo day

160 x 45 x h 80 cm Milo sideboard

180 x 45 x h 80 cm Milo sideboard

200 x 45 x h 80 cm Milo sideboard

Milo Fiam - Sideboard

Martinel Interior Furniture

Milo Fiam

Milo Fiam

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Design: Ilaria Martelli

Milo Day is a transparent and lightweight solid structure to protect and enhance with an impalpable light the precious items contained inside. Revealing the content and the space around it, this showcase creates interesting reflections where the light helps to magnify the feeling of suspension and immateriality. Ilaria Maria Marelli, designer of Milo Day, created together with Fiam Italia a form capable to dissolve itself into light and purity. 

Structure finishing:

Transparent  glass

Black95 glass

Base finishing:

Extralight back-silvered glass

White stained and acid-etched extralight glass


59 x 37 x h 174 cm

Price starting at € 2.006,00 € 2.360,00

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