90 x 5 x h 90 cm with square frame

110 x 5 x h 110 cm with round frame

150 x 5 x h 70 cm with double cadre elliptique

110 x 5 x h 110 cm with square frame

Ritratto Fiam - Mirrors

Martinel Interior Furniture

Ritratto Fiam

Ritratto Fiam

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Design: Marta Laudani, Marco Romanelli

Timeless elegance: this is Ritratto mirror by Fiam.

Wall mirror with wooden frame mounted directly on the mirror surface. The frame is available round and elliptical in Baroque style in gold and silver finishes and square in modern style with lacquered finish in red, grey silicium and grey quartz.

Frame finish:

Gold lacquered wood

Silver lacquered wood

Red lacquered wood

Grey silicium lacquered wood

Grey quartz lacquered wood


90 x 5 x h 90 cm

110 x 5 x h 110 cm

150 x 5 x h 70 cm

Price starting at € 297,00 € 350,00

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