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Tiffany Bontempi

Tiffany Bontempi

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Design:  Marco Corti

Tiffany is the complement that is appreciated for its convenience, even in moments of complete

relaxation. Tiffany is not only the small table opposite the sofa, but can also be a handy breakfast

table. Convenient in moving, Tiffany has a tray.

Structure finishing:

Solid spessart oak

Solid natural oak

Solid elm

Solid walnut wood

Top and tray finishing:

Steel white lacquered

Steel sand lacquered

Steel powder lacquered

Steel  light blue lacquered

Steel light green lacquered

Steel yellow lacquered

Steel red lacquered

Steel  blue lacquered

Steel  anthracite lacquered

Steel dark brown lacquered 
Steel matt black lacquered 
Silver natural
Deep black


78 x 47 x h 43 cm Tiffany coffee table

98 x 47 x h 43 cm Tiffany coffee table

48 x 41 x h 4 cm Tiffany tray

68 x 41 x h 4 cm Tiffany tray

Price starting at € 121,00 € 134,00