16 December 2022


How to find your special place at home.

Furniture, decorative accessories, houses full of travel relics carefully sent from the other side of the world that can remind us of those places where we have lived far away from home, escaping from everyday life. These angles created at home with objects full of memories, evoke us but not everything must necessarily be transported from remote places, instead with imagination and professional interior designers you can recreate this desired atmosphere, a place to escape to at home or a special corner for you.

Once you have identified your style, you can explore the wide range of possible combinations, and speaking of style, 2023 marks the triumph of minimalist design, which is already part of modern style and adopts the philosophy of "less is more" which seems to be in keeping with this much desired atmosphere of escape at home. Curvilinear, soft and enveloping shapes will be enhanced in the context of sharp edges and angles, and this is certainly the case of Désirée, which studies each product to make it comfortable and refined, with a design that is always distinctive and full of uniqueness.

The aim of the minimalist style is to create a relaxing and functional environment with a few sober and cross-cutting pieces of furniture, specially chosen with a clear purpose and, above all, to leave as much free space as possible. If minimalism leads to the perfect organisation of interior spaces in cupboards, sideboards... etc. as can be seen with Ak_Project by Arrital Cucine in which versatility and dynamism represent a constant, or on the other hand Bonaldo Big Table, the table that you don't expect and that satisfies all needs.


Following on from minimal chic, one of the most iconic and representative styles of recent years, and one that will continue to be a trend in 2023, is the Scandinavian-Nordic style. A choice of natural materials, mainly wood, and a chromatic palette centred on neutral and cold colours where white, beige and grey are the base. The selection is confirmed by linear shapes for furniture, more sinuous shapes for sofas and armchairs, mirrors and small decorative accessories such as shelves and coffee tables. The aim is to create a relaxing, fresh, bright and harmonious atmosphere with a few beautiful and functional furnishing elements, inspired by nature and the Hygge atmosphere: to recreate an atmosphere that is naturally cosy and comfortable at the same time, made of little things that make you feel immediately at home.

Furnishing in a minimalist way seems easy, but in reality the risk of falling into extreme simplicity is just around the corner. In addition to the careful choice of furniture, we should focus on colours that are harmonious with each other. Defining a colour palette that is pleasing as a whole is the first step.

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