17 November 2022

What is the value of luxury furniture?

Why choose Made in Italy? And why write about it just before Black Friday? 

An invention made in USA that recurs in the aftermath of Thanksgiving to officially kick off Holiday shopping, 'Black Friday' has an exemplary facet: it guarantees perfect competition. as one of the world's largest showcase-events, it puts all products in the position of having the same potential ability to assert themselves, in fact, by doing so, all products find themselves competing with each other in the same time frame in the same global market. The buzzword apparently is understood as winning something at a bargain price; likewise, it becomes an exercise of purchasing power during the most competitive time of the year. 


This is a reason to write about it. While it is true that all products have the same potential, those that stand out and stand out will really prevail. Luxury products and particularly made in Italy are first in this. Product longevity, reliability, design, quality, individuality and prestige are absolutely some of the buzzwords to describe Italian excellence sought after and loved around the world. Product quality is one of the main reasons why Made in Italy is appreciated everywhere. The ancient tradition and shared passion for art, style and "beautiful and well-made things," typical of our country and handed down from generation to generation, make the Italian brand not just a logo but an authentic lifestyle, history and culture.

In the most attended showcase-event ever, Italian style must be able to shine and occupy the stage prominently. Italian style has always been and will always remain unique, the result of the work of Italian artisans who shape the material of beauty with their skilled hands. Each item, from the chair to the table, from the sofa to the chandelier, preserves its own uniqueness: the craftsman does not produce mass-produced pieces but exclusive and unrepeatable items. Finally, choosing Made in Italy means buying a safe product, guaranteed by the strict rules of control, and undoubtedly a historic product whose value will increase. Buying Italian furniture means surrounding yourself with authentic beauty, literally.
Consciously choosing the best brands and artisan companies and always guaranteeing their value is what Martinel Arredamenti does in concrete every day.
Buying the right furniture on your own can sometimes be tricky, even the vast selection doesn't help you focus: contact us for advice.

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