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Peyote Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Peyote Cattelan Italia

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Design: Piero de Longhi

Small “totems” with a space age line personalise the domestic or working environment.  The polyurethane is used for the structure, due to its modern design and easy maintenance, whereas the tempered glass is used for the top. Combining  different colors, table “Peyote” can be suitably complement or contrast the existing furniture.

Structure finishing:                                                                                             

Mat white varnished polyurethane

Mat grey varnished polyurethane

Mat graphite varnished polyurethane

Top finishing:

Extra-clear white varnished tempered glass

Extra-clear graphite varnished tempered glass

Extra-clear grey varnished tempered glass


Diameter 55 x h 55 cm 

Diameter 45 x h 45 cm 


Price starting at € 388,00 € 457,00