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Mood Bontempi - outdoor

Mood Bontempi - outdoor

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A versatile furnishing element, ‘Mood’ is a chair with a wide array of models, to allow for a classy furnishing and distinction in indoor and outdoor settings. ‘Mood’ features a modern design, high quality materials (lacquered steel for the structure and a polypropylene shell) and state-of-the-art workings. ‘Mood’ the chair without armrests or ‘Mood’ the chair with armrests. ‘Mood’ the chair for all needs and all rooms. ‘Mood’ the chair signed by Bontempi.

The available versions: ‘Mood’ outdoor chair, ’Mood’ office chair, ‘Mood’ chair.

Structure finishing:

Laquered steel

Seat and back finishing:



47 x 57 x h 81 cm Mood steel round section

47 x 57 x h 81 cm Mood triangular section

61 x 57 x h 81 cm Mood with armrests steel round section

61 x 59 x h 81 cm Mood with armrests steel triangular section

Price starting at € 173,00 € 193,00