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Tour Consolle Cattelan Italia
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Cattelan Italia

Tour Consolle Cattelan Italia

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Design: Giorgio Cattelan (2014)

The mixture of the three materials such as: wood, glass and steel, added to the designer’s inspiration to create the object as the refined protagonist of the scene.

All the single versions of the console Tour have such an elegance and exclusivity that spread them in the living space. Tour is a fixed console with a modern design and geometrical shapes.

Structure finishing:

Steel graphite lacquered and walnut Canaletto

Top finishing:

Transparent  glass

Extra clear transparent glass

Walnut Canaletto


130 x 40 x h 74 cm

160 x 40 x h 74 cm

160 x 45 x h 75 cm with wood top

200 x 45 x h 75 cm with wood top


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