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Planter Bioethanol fireplace Talenti

Planter Bioethanol fireplace Talenti

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Design : Roberto Serio

Artdesign, a collection which came out from the creative pencil of internationally renowned designers. Original and eye-catching lines characterize every single product, suitable for a customer who likes luxury, elegance and the unquestionable and superior quality of products entirely made in Italy. All the items are in metal and made by high-precision numerical control machines. After the production, every single piece is subject to special treatments, like nano-ceramic, PPG cataphoresis and powder coating, which make them highly resistance to the atmospheric agents.

Structure finishing:

White lacquered steel

Graphite lacquered steel


88 x 27 x h 60 cm Planter

88 x 27 x h 66 cm Fireplace

88 x 27 x h 90 cm Stone Planter, Planter olive decorate, Planter agave decorate

Price starting at € 510,00 € 699,00