Terra Domitalia

Terra Domitalia

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Design: Domitalia.

For outdoor and indoor, the flowerpot Terra is available in two different sizes with different colours, it is perfect to furnish everywhere and also along the garden walks and, thanks to its double function it lightens in a charming way. Its design is pure and the lines are clear, the used material is 100% eco-compatible  and is worked with rolling technology which allows to obtain a structure without unions; it is possible to order in the kit the draining system and, only for the bright polyethylene version, the illumination devises. To create an original and sophisticated corner, respecting the environment, is what offers Domitalia to all. It is available with cable and fluorescent energy saving light bulb or with led illumination, provided with 8-hour working rechargeable battery. Equipped with remote control for regulating the intensity and colour tone, change speed, intermittence and light lowering.

Structure finishing:

Polyethylene  granite


54 x 39 x h 102 cm

50 x 36 x h 72 cm

Price starting at € 227,00 € 278,00