Phantom Domitalia

Phantom Domitalia

Phantom Domitalia

Design: Orlandini & Radice.

The elegant small armchair with polyethylene arms made with turning technology, 100% recyclable, Phantom has an innovating design, thought for many and several solutions both for indoor and outdoor: swimming pools, hotels, terraces and gardens. Its drapery is decorative, the sitting is comfortable; besides the proposal does not stop only in the small armchair; in fact there is the version of the small sofa with two or three places and the by night version with an inner illumination system of light charming plays.

It is available with cable and fluorescent energy saving light bulb or with led illumination, provided with 8-hour working rechargeable battery.

Equipped with remote control for regulating the intensity and colour tone, change speed, intermittence and light lowering.

Structure finishing:

Polyethylene  white

Polyethylene translucent


60 x 70 x h 82 cm Phantom

71 x 128 x h 82 cm Phantom D

Price starting at € 283,00 € 346,00