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Omnia Domitalia

Omnia Domitalia

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Design: Orlandini & Radice.

Based on the same structure and small modifications has been created a family: we talk about a flowerpot, a pouf and small table. Galss or layered laminated surface for the comfortable small table, cover with cushion for the fine pouf and any other more for the beautiful flowerpot. The material is totally recyclable, worked with rolling technology, light and resistant, the gradation of the colour is goof selected, it surprises with a little personal look in the evening with illumination: Omnia from Domitalia.

It is available with cable and fluorescent energy saving light bulb or with led illumination, provided with 8-hour working rechargeable battery.

Equipped with remote control for regulating the intensity and colour tone, change speed, intermittence and light lowering.

Structure finishing:
Polyethylene  orange
Polyethylene red
Polyethylene  acid green
Polyethylene  granite
Polyethylene  white
Polyethylene  translucent
Pillow covered finishing:
Ecological leather  white
Top finishing:
Extra white glass
Laminated white
Diameter 48 x h 44 cm


The price refers only to the vessel.

If you want to get an ottoman, you must add the leatherette cushion in optional, adding a second purchase in the cart. too if you want to get a table, you must add the desired floor in the optional field.

Doubleface the option is not available.

By purchasing the optional product you will get a double, and coffee pot or vase and ottoman.


Price starting at € 91,00 € 112,00