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Casper Domitalia

Casper Domitalia

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Design: Orlandini & Radice.

It is a characteristic ideal complement to complete the furnishings of long bar, open rooms with gardens and any relax area, combined with the Phantom series or alone, Casper is a furnishing incomparable complement. Made with eco-compatible materials, having double use: pouf or small table, it is pleasantly elegant and becomes attracting and gracious in the translucent version with its untypical illumination system.

It is available with cable and fluorescent energy saving light bulb or with led illumination, provided with 8-hour working rechargeable battery.

Equipped with remote control for regulating the intensity and colour tone, change speed, intermittence and light lowering.

Structure finishing:
Polyethylene red
Polyethylene  anthracite
Polyethylene  white
Polyethylene  translucent
44 x 44 x h 37.5 cm

Price starting at € 122,00 € 149,00